Poll: How Many Physical Xbox Games Do You Have In Your Collection?

There's been a lot of talk over the past few days about the future of physical Xbox games, especially since it was reported that Microsoft had "shut down" some departments related to bringing physical Xbox games to market.

As things stand, there's no suggestion that physical Xbox games are going away anytime soon, but as time marches on and physical sales appear to be lessening, it makes sense that the speculation is beginning to ramp up.

So, for our weekend poll, we thought we'd take this opportunity to ask about your personal collection of physical Xbox games. We're interested to know whether you're pretty much all-digital these days, or whether you're still a fan of the physical format. And of course, we're curious about your OG Xbox / Xbox 360 collections as well!

Here at Pure Xbox, we've picked up a pretty large selection of original Xbox and Xbox 360 titles, but admittedly our Xbox One and Xbox Series S collection is much smaller. Are you in the same boat? Let us know down below.

How many physical Xbox games do you have in your collection? Vote in the polls and tell us in the comments!

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