Talking Point: Would You Buy A 'Revised' Xbox Series X|S Controller In 2024?
Image: Gemma Smith / Pure Xbox

After first leaking last September, this week brought fresh rumours that a new Xbox controller could be revealed soon. Reportedly set to be announced around the time of Xbox's summer showcase this year (although unconfirmed at this stage), project "Sebile" sounds promising so far.

According to that initial leak, which originated from FTC files surrounding the ActiBlizz case, this new Xbox Series X|S controller will feature precision haptic feedback, VCA haptics that double as speakers, an accelerometer, new modular thumbsticks, a rechargeable and swappable battery, and the ability to "lift to wake" the device.

If accurate, Sebile would mark a massive change from Xbox's current controller lineup - with a laundry list of new features rumoured to be packed into this thing. So, if it's real, would you buy one?

Don't get us wrong, we really like the current Series X|S controller, but we'd absolutely go out and buy one of these on day one - as long as it'd be around the same price as the current Xbox pad. PS5's haptic feedback is really good and genuinely helpful in certain titles, and that alone would be a great feature to have on an Xbox controller.

It remains to be seen whether an 'Elite Series 3' is also in the works over at Microsoft HQ, although that's something we'd be keen to see as well given Sony's recent 'DualSense Edge' release. Alas, for now, we've heard very little about the potential of this so we remain less optimistic on the Elite 3 front.

Anyway, if this new Sebile controller is announced and launched this year, would you buy one? Day one, or would you perhaps wait until impressions hit the web? Vote in the poll below and tell us what you think!

Would You Buy A Revised Xbox Series X|S Controller?