Hellblade 2 Brings True 'Cinematic Immersion' To Xbox This May, And We're Hyped For It

This year's Xbox Developer Direct delivered big - with huge deep dives for Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, Avowed and Ara: History Untold. However, only one of the show's titles feels like it's truly within touching distance, and that's Ninja Theory's Hellblade 2 - bound for Xbox on May 21st.

In truth, we feel that the upcoming Hellblade sequel went under the radar a little bit during the showcase, so we want to talk about why we're so excited for it. We're only four months away from launch, folks!

From minute one, Hellblade 2 has looked like a proper showpiece for Xbox Series X and S - so it's fitting that the game was revealed alongside Microsoft's new-gen consoles. Sure, 2019's reveal trailer was 'in-engine', but we'd argue that the team has lived up to this teaser in its more recent gameplay showcases. Seriously, the game really does look this good!

Moving a little further down the PR pipeline - Hellblade 2 also showed up in a big way at The Game Awards two years later, in 2021. Now, we'll admit that at the time we thought the game would be closer to launch than it's ended up being, but 2021's huge gameplay blowout was our first taste at what this game is going to deliver on Xbox. As Ninja Theory calls it: "a brutal journey of cinematic immersion".

Ever since 2021's gameplay debut we've bought into the team's vision, even if we've been a little impatient for the game's arrival at times. Waiting almost five years to play Hellblade 2 hasn't been easy after the excellent Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, but we're almost there now - we can almost taste the cold Icelandic air of Senua's next saga.

Xbox hasn't always managed to deliver on games that feel truly 'AAA' and 'cinematic' in recent times, but Hellblade 2 looks like it's about to buck that trend. After this year's Developer Direct finally dropped the release date, we've only gotten more excited to try this game out, and it's very nearly time to experience it on Xbox Game Pass this May.

Are you excited that Hellblade 2 is right around the corner? Tell us your thoughts down below.

How Excited Are You For Hellblade 2?